Evoke the possible.


Come Home to Yourself.

The last great frontier to explore is the one of our inner world. The universe inside. We each hold the keys to unlocking a life lived with meaning, purpose and inspiration. You are the great masterpiece. You are the one you’ve been searching for. Let’s find the way back, the way home, together.


One on One Mentoring

Find your way back to you as we work together to rediscover your potential and evoke the possibilities that await.

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Group Coaching & Salons

Reintegrate creativity, imagination, and fun into the heart of your organization or small group. Join me and my merry band of
professional soul seekers for a custom-crafted, transformational experience.

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Evoke Collective

Evoke the possible, unleash your creativity, embody your unique authenticity and experience workshops, gatherings and retreats surrounded by women who desire to live fully switched on, sacred and ensouled lives.

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Woman’s Yoga

Practice yoga that makes your soul sing. Our time together centers on the re-feminization, reclamation, and empowerment of women’s yoga practice through exploration, welcoming, open sharing, honoring,
and reconnection.

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Yoga Nidra: the art of rest

You are invited to remember the essential truth of who you really are through the treasure that is yoga nidra. Experience this potent meditative resource to find healing, insight, and soulful empowerment.

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Imagine there is no way to “do it wrong,” and in fact, the way to know you're doing it right is when it feels good. What if your life could follow this same rule? Spoiler alert: it can! Qoya will show you how.

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She is the one who…

She is the one who lives a never ending dream of becoming.

She is the one who (over and over and over again) has turned nothing into something,

A Phoenix does not rise overnight.


Threshold of Consciousness.

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Laura Larriva Page, Founder The Rhythm Way

Jessica Durivage is an extraordinary woman of great insight, born of her years as a visionary creatrix in the field of leadership and mindfulness. Her enduring commitment to the healing and development of women is matched only by her fierce dedication to the calling of her soul. This combination allows Jess to move with unwavering integrity in the face of complexity, paradox, and a felt urgency for change. I know that whatever she offers, in whatever capacity she offers it, will be critically relevant to these wild times, and impactful for countless people longing to step in and step up.


Trina Wyatt, Founder Conscious Good

Jessica was instrumental in supporting the vision - and the realization - of two Conscious Good initiatives:  the first was the launch of our Mindscape Film Festival - and our first attempt at a 7 city tour. (No easy feat!)  The second was the development and launch of the Conscious Good Studio Series - a monthly program taking conscious cinema into yoga and meditation studios world-wide.  In both instances we were attempting to do something that had never been done before - as individuals and as a start-up venture.  Jessica not only had the strategy and problem-solving skills necessary to work through challenges, but she has the creativity and enthusiasm to make all challenges surmountable.  She is an absolute joy to work with; unstoppable in her support of me as a leader and the Conscious Good vision.


Cord Coen, Founder ZENTS

Magic Maker. Fire Starter. Elevation creator.

Jessica is a powerful individual that brings transformation, guidance and upward, inspired movement to a company, its individuals and its mission.  I have had the privilege to work with Jessica at my company twice through the last 10 years and I look forward to more in the future.  Both times she was instrumental at coming in, listening, observing and assessing the needs to take the vision to the next level.  She is a self starter and incredibly capable taking projects from vision to completion.  Her skill sets are many and too numerous to list but the most unique ones I see is transforming, elevating and inspiriting people, projects and companies to an inspired level that is aligned with their deeper WHY.  She is an asset to a company and this world and it has been a privilege to work with her and have her be an instrumental part of what we create.


Uma Dinsmore-Tuli Phd., Yoga Therapist, founder of Womb Yoga and Co-Founder of Total Yoga Nidra

Jessica is an inspiring manifester who’s excellent strategies have supported my confidence in using the magical world of social media to share my work worldwide. She is a radiant, creative and diligent human being who embodies in her work a very rare combination of efficiency and visionary capacity. Jessica’s personal commitment to women’s empowerment and spiritual deepening for global transformation is a strength  that she shares generously. and working with her has widened the reach of my work to support transformation for all who can access it. Thank you Jessica, I honour and salute your skills, abilities and wholehearted passion! JAI MAA XX 


Tanya Markul, Author of The She Book

Jessica is an unexpected, generous, self-aware woman, who while enduring and dancing with and through her own personal experience of life’s ups and downs, I’ve witnessed many times, that when someone she loves is in need, her divine ability to offer her highest presence of love, focus, and action. I think that is rare in a person—to have the courage, loyal, and humanity to show up in another’s life. And it’s that kind of behavior, choosing a soul-led life, that I believe will heal the world. Love you, beautiful Jess!