If you were here, I’d ask you to go first. I’d prefer to listen to your story (although my husband might say different.. I digress). I am fascinated with our stories. When I was struggling with accepting my own a several years ago my mother took my face in her hands and said, “Sweetie, it’s a part of your story. Believe me, we all have one.” That moment shifted my perspective forever. It didn’t change anything in that moment, but it was the beginning of a journey towards loving, embracing and believing in my story and as I cultivated more compassion, understanding and acceptance for myself, I only saw these qualities increase ten-fold in how I was able to show up for others.

A few things to know about me:

  1. I hate bios. I don’t like saying I have “clients”, that’s why I call it “collaborations.” I don’t like to say I have “students”, I prefer to sit in the circle as a fellow student and co-creator of the energies. I am just another soul traveling around the sun on this glorious planet during this amazingly awesome time to be alive. You won’t see a bio here, but you can head over to the collaborations tab and check out what I’ve been up to, past and present.

  2. I am NOT into small talk. Don’t even try it. I’ll shut right now and get a sort of glazed and faraway look in my eye. I want to get right to the point, fast. I am a deep sea soul diver, and my mission is to mine for the gold that is inside. Whether it’s a one to one mentoring session or you are interested in chatting about a professional opportunity, I’m prolly gonna want to lock eyes with you and take some deep breaths.

  3. I DISPISE the word “busy.” I don’t use it, I try not to engage with the energy around it and I am significantly annoyed when other people use it as a status symbol. It’s not that it’s a non-negotiable, but in the sacred space of soul-work… there’s really no place for being busy.

Gosh, I am feeling a bit like a negative nancy here. I guess it’s good I get my pet peeves out of the way right off the bat, don’t you think? The thing is, in our sessions we do get personal. And my style is not to wave a fancy bio in front of you and hide my personality behind my experience. And, it’s not for everyone. And, that’s ok. But, just for good measure, here’s some things I love and that you will learn about me real quick in a session or class

  1. Goosebumps, tears that spring from the wisdom of knowing, the feeling of dropping deep into the source space, a good night’s sleep, finding humor in EVERYTHING, celebrating the little moments, tenderly caring for the places that hurt, perspective, perspective, perspective and making poetry and metaphor from our experience to understand ourselves and our place in the world better are all things I crave in my own life and they are guiding points for my own soul to remember itself. These are the dance steps we will start practicing together.

  2. I do not possess a “no pain no gain” mentality. Discomfort and suffering… yeah, the Buddha was definitely onto something but I am also interested in exploring what feels good. So so so many of us have painful stories. They are important. They have a place. They will always be a part of our lives. And, let’s make room to celebrate them as a part of your becoming too, ok?

  3. As I am my own greatest experiment, I will encourage you to become that for yourself too. I am not a guru. My sole intention is to empower you to wake up the wisdom that you possess. You are the heroine/hero of your own life.

My story… highlight reel (the good and opportunities for growth).

I am the oldest of five siblings which has given me an oldest child complex. I like to feel useful.

To piggyback on what I wrote above, if I ever come to your house and ask if you need anything, please give me a little job. I love little jobs!

I lost a brother when he was 19. The loss of someone you love never leaves you. It changes you and it changes over time.

I love to travel and have spent time in over a dozen countries. My favorite place in the world is Koh Lanta, Thailand where i fell in love with my husband.

I am the mama to two incredible human beings. Ellis and LeeAnn. All the cliches about parenting and how much you love your children and how effing hard it is… are true.

Speaking of cliches, I recently turned 40 and all of those cliches around loving yourself and coming into your own are true as well.

I ran a business for close to eight years and I experienced the devastating loss of shutting it down. It was hard and embarrassing to admit failure, but it was the right thing to do.

I have a secret passion for tea parties and once, my girlfriend and I, started a secret society, Les Elephants High Society of Do-Gooders and Tea Drinkers and we threw amazingly elaborate, fun, meaningful and delicious themed tea party experiences. My dream would be to own a tea shop one day where folks can come and “solve all the problems of the world over a good old cuppa. And maybe dress in costume while they do it.

I did not finish college. It’s one of those niggling things that I can’t seem to shake. I hope to return and finish my degree one day.

I am a Pisces/Aquarius cusp. My mama said I’ve had water around me my whole life and it’s true. It poured at my bridal shower, on my wedding day, at my baby shower and on pretty much any other significant time in my life. I just “flow” with it. Get it? Flow? lol.

When I am sick or menstrating, I love to eat elbow macaroni with butter, salt and pepper. When I was growing up we called them “butter roni’s” and they are the ultimate comfort food.

I believe in the power of our stories to transform pain into glory, wounds in to precious and tender self-love, and that they hold the key to our healing.

I bet I’ll keep adding to this list, but for now… your turn.