Collaborative Dreaming

Past, Present & Future

Co-creation and collaboration are two of my core values and a lens through which I approach not only client work, but teaching, visioning and in my personal life as well. Even when we “think” we are doing it alone, we are still in collaboration with the universe. One of my mentors, Laura Larriva Page, reminded me to leave space for what the universe has in store as it’s often more wild than even our wildest dreams. As I have brought these gifts of collaboration and co-creation to a more conscious awareness, I’ve discovered that I even dream in collaboration! They say it takes a village and nothing could be more true. We are in constant co-creation at all times. Understanding, feeling and receiving this allows for our work together to feel more supported, fluid and fun! I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had to share my own projects with my communities as well as support amazing visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders express their ideas, products and programs with the world.


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Evoke the Possible: Women’s Events, Workshops & Retreats

Evoke the possible, unleash your creativity, embody your unique authenticity and experience a weekend surrounded by women who desire to live fully switched on, sacred and ensouled lives. Next event, January 25th - 27th at Yoga in Common in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Passion for the POssible: transformational development, ensouled leadership & the power of meaningful experience.

Coming soon! Currently dreaming a series of events for soul-inspired professional development. We’d love to let you know when the dates for our first events are ready! Click below to sign up to be the first to know.



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Wellness focused body care with a soul and a conscious, ZENTS is the combination of ZEN + SCENT and I’ve been crazy blessed to be weaving and dreaming with this company for almost 15 years! I’ve worn many hats with ZENTS from customer (as a Spa Director) to Sales Manager and Trainer to most recently Director of Marketing.


uma Dinsmore-Tuli Phd

I was first introduce to Uma when I produced the Sex, God & Yoga Conference for Where is My Guru. Her feminist-forward approach to yoga (in the west) was and is like a breath of fresh air. She’s the ultimate mother and has created the most delicious welcoming and nourishing yoga practices for women as well as co-founding the Yoga Nidra Network with her husband. It’s beyond a blessing to be a part of her web and helping her share these healing teachings.


Carl kerridge Photography

My husband continues to amaze me with his talent, skill, will and passion for capturing beauty. Anytime I can support his work, whether it’s planning an art show or visioning ways for him to continue to grow his (our!) dream to travel and share his art all over the world, I am always there with pad and pencil eagerly waiting for our next project and adventure.




Sex, God & Yoga Online Conference for Women

One of my proudest achievements and could not have done this without not only the amazing marketing and administrative team but also the incredible teachers who live the work of reshaping how women are seen in spirituality every single day. Our community of participants in this conference was an important part of what we co-created together.


WIMG - Digital Temple

Over 5,000 students came in and out of WIMG’s virtual doors, experiencing world class teachings from some of the most respected spiritual leaders today. Imagining this vision with my peers and bringing it to life was and still is something I will always look back and and be so glad that I really went for it.


Where is My Guru Podcast

Over 1 million listens and in our hay day, an average of 20K people tuning in each week, the “live” Where is My Guru Show was a staple of mine and my production teams life on Fridays at 11am EST for several years. I learned so much about myself and created an infinite amount of incredible experiences while at the helm of this project.


les elephants high society of do-gooders and tea drinkers

What do you get when you put two creative women together with newborns and a little extra time on their hands? You get the most fabulous series of theme-inspired tea parties complete with Bollywood Flash Mobs, homemade macaroons, inspired conversations and a whole lot of “pinkies up!”

Global Awareness Project

On my first date with my husband we dreamt up this project. A year later I was filing our 501c3 and became the Executive Director for our non-profit, Global Awareness Project. We focused on bridging the GAP by bringing non-profits together with local artists to do good.

waking Wild

One of my favorite souls to collaborate with was, is and always with be Tanya Markul, founder of Thug Unicorn, True North Sisters, and The Urban Howl. But before she was famous, we had a couple of wonderful sideshows, creating online experiences together inspired by yoga, writing and community.

V-Day: A Memory, Monologue, Rant and a prayer

I returned to my roots in February of 2018 and co-directed Eve Enslers, A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer for V-Day at Coastal Carolina University with Professor of Theatre and Women’s & Gender Studies, Amanda Masterpaul. Yeah, it was that good. 2019, watch out.




Conscious Good

Stories real and imagined have the power to transform. Working with Conscious Good as the director of their Mindscape Film Festival and launching the Conscious Good Studio Series with founder, Trina Wyatt is probably one of the most inspired and creative visions I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of.


Elephant Journal - Online Academy

You may have heard of Elephant Journal the digital magazine promoting “the mindful life”, and for aspiring writers wanting the change the world, the Academy gives hands on experience being a part of an amazing team and community.


true Nature Education

I will always consider myself to be a part of the True Nature Family!! My experiences with True Nature both living on their land in Costa Rica, teaching yoga, doing massage and cooking as well as collaborating with their founder years later doing online marketing are some of my fondest memories.


Nealy Fischer - The Flexible Chef

She’s gone big-time since we worked together, but what’s so special about Nealy is her heart. Her heart is always wanting to lift others up and when I came on board it was to help her create an online community of experts. I encouraged her to really see “herself” as the expert, because she has so much to offer. I am so glad she did.