Evoke the Possible: Mentoring & Coaching

When you step out of the trance of everyday and take a look at the scaffolding of your life, what do you see? Does the structure in place guide you to source?

Staying connected to source allows you to remember what is possible. You know those dreams you had when you were 16, 21, 30? They’re still there. You just need a way to return home.

With one on one and group mentoring, we will work together to explore your path to wholeness using the teachings and practices that make up the Evoke Pillars of Practice (see below).

The Evoke Pillars of Practice weave together my years of training, studies, and mentorship. They have been a central part of my journey, and now, we will put them to use for yours.


“Jessica has this uncanny ability to hold such tender and purposeful space for you while actively listening to your needs, giving you permission to dream and imagine possibilities, all the while guiding you to lay down intentional and practical steps towards accomplishing your goals. Utilizing her strengths as being creative, pragmatic, collaborative and inventive, Jessica is truly that perfect blend of visionary + realist. As a colleague and dear friend of mine over the years, she has been instrumental in keeping me motivated, helping me to stand in and represent my own brilliance and by inspiring me to harness my passion into my everyday life and career. 

In this world, communication is key to unlocking doors of opportunity and Jessica is incredibly astute in helping you channel your vision and voice into framing an attainable, practical objective. When you work alongside her she is a true ally, advocating for you while also challenging you to represent your most authentic and true self. She has such a broad scope of empathetic intelligence that she is able to communicate with anyone and everyone, being inclusive of each person's inherent differences. She makes you feel warm, welcome and included always!”

- Amanda Masterpaul


Evoke Pillars of Practice

The Evoke Pillars of Practice are a way to offer back the most powerful healing tools I’ve learned, studied, and continue to practice in my life on a daily basis. They are not meant to be experienced in a linear way, they can be done together or separate. During a session we might focus on only one or all. My Qoya teacher, Sara Ballard, reminds me that “with structure comes freedom,” and the pillars are guiding lights to keep bringing us back to tools, exercises, rest and self-care practices, and more in order to guide us both to source and back out to share our gifts with the world.


HEALING & WHOLING: One to One Mentoring

Let’s settle in for a good old “cuppa”. Tea has been a friend on my path for as long as I (and my mother and grandmother and great-grandmother) can remember. There’s something about the sacred act of making a cup of tea, boiling the water, pouring the water over the tea leaves and letting it steep until it’s just right. Every type of tea requires a different steeping time. Some folks like sugar and milk. Some like honey. Some like it straight up. The path to enjoying the actual cup of tea is nuanced and often times even the most subtle adjustments tend to make a big difference (have you ever steeped Jasmine tea for too long?). I digress. One to one mentoring is about diving in, digging in and exploring out the nuances and subtleties of you. We start by holding questions together. We will weave in and out of dreams, visions and the real tug of reality on your life… the tension that lies between the soul dance and survival tasks. There will be a lot of nourishment, welcoming, kindness and ease. Oh and tea… there will be tea.

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THE ART OF REST: Yoga Nidra & Self Care Practices

Didn’t someone once say “last night a DJ saved my life?” Well, I say that every day and night Yoga Nidra saves my life. After two decades of practicing and teaching many different types and styles of yoga, Yoga Nidra is the most powerful, potent and restorative of all the yoga practices. And guess what, you don’t have to do anything to practice Yoga Nidra… just show up. Yoga Nidra, the Art of Rest, Slow Living and Self Care Practices will be a cornerstone of the “homework” you will receive after our sessions and perhaps during our sessions! If soul is connected to source and soul is what we are up to, then it’s important we cultivate sustainable, intelligent and nurturing ways to access and return to source again and again and again and again. Let’s learn to feel what it would be like to fill up your own cup and drink from it, just for the simple pleasure of enjoying your own essence. Ahhhh….

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WILD CREATIVITY: Invoking Imagination

Imagination is a hot commodity in the land of soul. In the world, not so much… unless you are under the age of 10. What we fail to recognize is that to “imagine” is a wildly important part of being able to “re-imagine” your life, your path, your work, your relationships. Being able to drop into the soul’s playground and imagine without the constraints of the roles we play or the hats we wear is radical! To play for play’s sake. To dream for dreaming sake. To create for creativity’s sake! The landscape of creativity and imagination is boundless and we are only just beginning.

Wild Creativity.png

EMBODIED EXPRESSION: Qoya & Yoga as Prayer

Moving my body, in a sacred, slow, feminine and empowered way has been the quickest and direct line to my truth I have ever experienced. Finding Qoya in this last year has felt more like “Qoya found me”, as if it had been searching for me and me for it for lifetimes. The experiences that not only I have had but those of my students in getting to the bottom lines of their stories, being able to dance with their fears and their freedom has been this extraordinary gift that I bring to all of the group classes I facilitate, circles I lead and one to one sessions in the Evoke Mentoring Program. It’s taken my relationships with yoga to a whole new level as well. Simple, slow movements deeply rooted in intention has profound and lasting effects on the body, mind and soul. #letsdance

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RITUAL & CEREMONY: Make it Sacred

PSA: It’s all sacred. From the moment you set your feet on the ground in the morning to when you close your eyes in the evening. The ups, the downs, the ins, the outs. From the dishes to the dance floor, the school pick up line to the yoga studio and everything in between. This is one of my favorite pillars of this program because we basically get to shine a sacred light on all parts of your everyday life and weave gratitude and appreciation into even the most mundane. You will also be introduced to ritual practices, and how to design your own sacred ceremony to call in, honor and move through the most important parts of your life.

RItual and Ceremony.png


“What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver

The question we are asked to hold before, during and after all of this deep diving soul work is: What’s next? How we will show up in the world with our gifts and offer them in a way that meets the call, the dream of the earth and the urgency and necessity of the times? This stewarding process is to develop a never-ending and ongoing conversation with soul and to fully inhabit the lens that what we say and do, how and where we pay attention - all of it - matters.

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Evoke Mentoring Program


What is a mentor?

In my experience, the most powerful mentors and teachers I’ve had have been the ones that insisted I look inside myself for the answers, meaning they never satisfied my sometimes thirst to “just be told what to do.” The would commiserate with me around the struggle we all experience in navigating life, but ultimately, their intention was to steward my gifts and support me in cultivating the courage to risk being visible in the world. This is an exquisite dance with all sorts of steps, sometimes challenging, sometimes effortless. Above all, it’s a relationship that deepens over time.

What is the difference between Traditional Leadership and Ensouled and Transformational Leadership?

I was brought up in an traditional leadership setting. Someone gave me a quiz once and boom. I’m an INFP on the Meyers Briggs and learned how to facilitate this test with my employees and relate to them as such. You don’t really know any different until you know different. I was introduced to the nature based maps of the psyche created by Bill Plotkin and facilitated by my mentor, Laura Larriva Page and was immediately drawn to the ways they were designed to “change” and their ability to hold that we are made up of many parts that change and shift over time and in relationship to our circumstances. As well they are focused more on our relationship with “the many parts of ourselves” rather than how we relate to the world. Yes, applying what we learn in the world is an important part of this work, but fully understanding the workings of our inner world is necessary to truly stand at the threshold of the time we are living and carry our gifts to the planet.

What does it mean to “steward”?

To “steward” means to respect, tend and care to the natural eco-system of a person, place or thing. If you think about someone “stewarding” a piece of land, they are there to almost protect the natural essence of that land and to ensure that it will not come to harm while under their care. I am inspired to think of my own work in this way in that we seek to discover the natural potential, the possibilities that are already there, the currents of soul that are flowing underground and from there we witness the incredible gift of the lands of your past, present and future, the rivers of your experience, the valleys of shadow, the mountains of wisdom, the caves yet to be explored, fully free to be expressed in every season.

Threshold of Consciousness.

Alright, so you will hear this a lot from me! We are literally at the threshold of consciousness and mystery in each and every moment. Every breath has a life and death cycle and as one fades away a new one appears. This is the miracle available to us at all times. From the perspective of the collective, we are living during a time when systems are being dismantled, structures and “isms” are struggling to keep their footing as the foundation is cracking. Climate change, social change, political upheaval and so much more are marching, marching, marching and disrupting the patterns with their battle cry, THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW! THE TIME IS NOW!

Your time is now.


It’s not for everyone!

This work is not for everyone. And that’s ok! If you need clear directives, are looking for someone else to give you the answers, want a three-step plan, looking for support in strict goal setting and follow through, find it difficult to re-negotiate… perhaps this is just what you need if you are looking for a change. I also know there are amazing coaches and teachers out there that focus more on a specific goal-orientated approach. Yes, we will absolutely create guiding questions to hold as we begin our journey together, and check in around them. But I view this work through the lens of offering tools you can carry with you to support you over the course of your life. We will dance with the micro and the macro, and see what is stirred up!


I have been working with Jessica for several years . We crossed paths at a time in my life when I was a new parent and completely overwhelmed and was in need of support. I found it. Jessica is the kind of person you can openly talk to with no fear of judgement and immediately made me feel safe and free to really speak. Jessica's calming presence and ability to not just listen but actually hear and reflect and empower are amazing.   She allows me to be me and to know that that is enough.

- Kristy Marshall

I met Jessica just as I was stepping into my own ongoing awakening 8 years ago. I was inspired by her that day as I watched her move passionately and compassionately in her own body. Since then she has continued to be a mentor to me, someone who inspires me consistently through her own honesty, realness, and practice. She is doing the work and it radiates from her core. I trust this woman. I trust her completely and value her work to dive deep and show up for her people and her community. She’s been mentoring me for free for the last 8 years (haha whether she knew it or not). She is a huge part in who I’ve become as a whole, self-loving, confident woman. 

- Stevie Goggans


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