Workshops & Events

Workshops, events and retreats are where we have the unique privilege of diving deep with this work. To do the work of soul amidst our full lives, creating time to “source source” is vital so we may continue to bring our unique offers and gifts to the surface of our lives to share them with our families, our communities and to lean on them ourselves while navigating the landscape of this time on the planet. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about the workshops and retreat I offer as collaborations with communities.

Women's Weekend INSTA.png

Evoke the Possible: Women’s Weekend - January 25-27 2019

Evoke the possible, unleash your creativity, embody your unique authenticity and experience a weekend surrounded by women who desire to live fully switched on, sacred and ensouled lives.

When you are dreaming, anything is possible. When you hold that dream for weeks and months and years at a time, that dream begins to take a shape and holds a form you can begin to see, feel and understand how it might actually be possible to realize this dream.

Our dream is to see women coming into their own true nature, safe to explore self-expression, sensuality, creativity, sisterhood, self-care and more.

What is your dream?

This January we are bringing all of these things together with a group of amazing guides who are dedicated to their own growth, evolvement and using their gifts and voice at this important threshold in time.